E-Board Elections 2019-2020

Want to take a leadership role in AMA UIC for 2019-2020 academic year? Well then here is exciting news for you! The deadline to apply for these respective positions is Tuesday, April 2nd by 11:59pm. We are NOW accepting applications for the following positions

  • Secretary
  • Director of Digital Marketing
  • Director of Programming
  • Director of Creative Content
  • Director of Sponsorship
  • AMAgency Program Coordinator    

Eboard application

In order to apply for an Executive Board Position, you must meet the following requirements:
1. Graduation Date: May 2020 or after (Required)
2. Must be a current AMA National and UIC Chapter member
3. Have a GPA of at least a 3.0
4. Attended at least 3 meetings, site visit, and/or guest speaker events in Fall’18 or Spring’19

We will not be reviewing incomplete applications therefore, you must include all required documents. Once applications have been reviewed by our Executive Board members, short listed candidates will be invited for in-person interviews.

If you have any questions regarding Election process, please feel free to email amauichicago@gmail.com.