Maddie McElvogue – Marketing Major
Membership: January 2016 – December 2018

“My favorite part of AMA UIC has been stepping outside of my comfort zone to meet other individuals and share our experiences to learn from each other. I have held Director of Membership position with Executive Board of AMA UIC from December 2016 to Summer 2018. I have been able to achieve AMA sales certificate and AMA market research certificate. AMA has given me the opportunity to visit GroupOn and 1871 Chicago office attended alumni career panels.”


Tai-Chieh Liao
Membership: September – December 2018

Tai Chieh Liao previously worked for marketing management in a medical device field and is well-experienced in the medical area. He conducted individual marketing projects up to about one million dollars sales. His marketing experience includes: products surveys, research and assessments, plotting marketing strategy, conduct product communication activities and product presentations to potential customers. Liao is now a MBA student who already has another master’s degree in biomedical engineering and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Besides marketing, he coordinates project managements up to about 10 million dollars. This experience gave him the ability to deal with many tasks.

“I joined AMA to extend my marketing knowledge and build networking with more talented professionals. Surrounded by AMA’s great talents, I am very excited to join this organization and strengthen my competitiveness.”